Colloquial applies our research expertise to answer a myriad of client questions and research objectives.

We're particularly versed in:

  • Consumer profiling: developing rich understandings of consumers’ lives and lifestyles to bring depth and dimension to clients’ target consumers and segments
  • Brand equity and health:  perceptually mapping consumers’ category and brand landscapes, revealing underlying brand imagery and helping brands track their standing over time
  • Innovation and white space exploration: identifying new territories and opportunities within brand and category landscapes
  • Positioning exploration and optimization: gauging the appeal, relevance, and differentiation of brand positionings
  • Concept, product, and packaging research: spanning the development process (from early-stage concepts to in-production offerings), assessing appeal, relevance, uniqueness, brand fit, and more
  • Advertising development and messaging research: evaluating the key takeaways and core communication of advertising as well as assessing relevance, differentiation, and brand impact;  partnering with clients and their ad agencies to help create compelling, motivating brand messaging
  • Retail experience and shopping insights:  exploring consumers’ in-store behaviors and evaluations of the store environment, identifying shopping drivers and deterrents



We believe in constantly innovating and evolving methodologies, maximizing the flexibility of qualitative research to bring new approaches as appropriate to each project. 

We pride ourselves on smart research design: building custom insights programs based on each project’s unique objectives. Often, this means mixing methodologies within a project for deeper, more well-rounded insights.

Technology plays a huge part, leveraging consumers’ smartphones, cameras, social media usage, and cloud tools to add richness and authenticity to our in-person interactions.



Engaging, immersive in-person conversations, including:

IDI bedroom - Lisa.JPG

In-Depth Home Immersions


Friend Groups

SHOPALONG - Christine.png

Experiential Activities
(running, hiking, drinking, shopping)

20s group - focus group.jpg

In-facility groups

SHOPALONG - Kristina - blot out Magnolia.JPG

In-store shopping experiences

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Pre-recruit “auditioning” to ensure the most qualified, most articulate consumers


Robust, thoughtful online interactions

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Interactive interviews
(IDIs and groups)

Digital touchpoints
Videos, written feedback, virtual collages, photo sharing, and more



Assembling articulate, “archetypal” consumers for live interactions with client teams and at large events


We’re global in our scope and expertise.

Since 2015, we’ve fielded immersive ethnographic research, traditional “in-facility” groups, and online projects across four continents.

Our work includes both single-country deep dives (“What’s our brand’s position in China?”) as well as multi-country exploratories (“How does our new product concept perform in key U.S., European, and Asian markets?”).

We’ve cultivated trusted relationships with local partners -- moderators, recruiters, videographers -- globally.

2015-16 Research Markets




Colloquial’s team are youth-research experts.

Dan Drath, Colloquial’s founder, was formerly the Director of Custom Research at TRU, the first true global youth research specialists.  He pioneered TRU’s TRUnography ethnographic practice, moderating countless sessions with tweens, teens, and 20-somethings.  From the mid ‘90s onward, Dan was on the forefront of helping marketers understand the emerging Millennial generation, from “Dawson’s Creek,” their first Nokias, and their first MySpace accounts.

Colloquial continues to focus on young consumers, with insight-mining techniques and moderating particularly relevant to and effective with teens and early 20-somethings.




Colloquial’s not simply good at speaking consumers’ language -- we’re adept at impactful communications, reporting, and outputs matched to our clients’ needs and cultures.

We create customize reporting deliverables, leveraging our network of designers, illustrators, and videographers to design compelling and eye-catching outputs

Insights Reports

Standalone or complementary video

illustrations and archetype visualizations

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