Colloquial Insights is a full-service strategic qualitative research consulting agency.

Since launching in 2015, Colloquial has partnered with numerous best-in-class brands to uncover compelling insights into the lives of their consumers, investigate new global markets and white spaces, position themselves uniquely and compellingly within their category, develop impactful advertising, explore product white spaces, and more.

We take a customized, boutique approach to qualitative research -- no pre-fab solutions. We pride ourselves on our smart custom designs and innovative methodologies, tailored to the objectives (and budgets) of the project.

Colloquial’s founder, Dan Drath, has 20 years’ experience in qualitative research and studying Millennials in particular.  He built and directed the Custom Research practice at TRU (Teenage Research Unlimited) over 15+ years, studying Millennials from their first cell phones and debit cards then to becoming parents and buying homes now.

Our team is based in San Francisco and Chicago, tapping into additional talent globally to fit projects’ scope and demands.

We have a deep bench of partners we leverage regularly, including moderators, videographers, graphic designers, and illustrators -- in the US and globally.

Colloquial’s Fortune 500 clients span the category landscape of consumers’ lives, keeping us immersed in modern, mobile lifestyles.  

We’ve developed deep category understanding and expertise across many categories, including:

  • Pet food
  • Retail
  • Skincare
  • Smart home tech
  • Smart TVs
  • Smartphones, tablets
  • Social media
  • Wearable tech, smartwatches, fitness trackers
  • Advertising
  • Anti-tobacco issues
  • Apps and user experience
  • Fashion, apparel, footwear, denim
  • Fitness, health and wellness
  • Gaming
  • Music, streaming
  • Outdoor activities

Meet Team Colloquial



Founder and principal of Colloquial Insights, Dan is a dynamic insights-driven Millennial research expert, fluent across categories. He’s a compelling qualitative moderator, presenter, strategist, research SWAT team leader.

Most notably, Dan built TRU’s Custom Research practice during a 15+ year career as:

  • Lead methodologist and innovator, pioneering multiple in-context and online techniques.
  • Brand strategist immersed across categories. Digital Life expert.
  • Global research SWAT team leader and synthesizer.
  • Engaging, dynamic moderator.
  • Sometimes-reluctant quantitative number cruncher
  • Energetic, compelling presenter and storyteller.
  • Mentor to emerging talent.

After finishing his BA in American History (with focus on both gender and African American studies) at Princeton University, Dan spent time in Chicago before returning home to San Francisco.  

A camp counselor both attitudinally and historically, Dan has a weekly volunteer shift at a youth crisis hotline, officiates the occasional wedding, loves driving his nephew’s carpool runs, and mixes a pretty mean Manhattan.






Colloquial’s Qualitative Strategist, Lauren Wachter is a detail-fixated qualitative research junkie.  She’s well versed across methodologies, managing large-scale projects globally.

Lauren started her research career in 2010 at TRU, the first global youth research expert. She’s a standout:

  • Research manager
  • Respondent wrangler
  • Insights reporter
  • Globe trotter and road warrior

A Los Angeles native, Lauren enthusiastically made Chicago her home after finishing her BS in Marketing at Depaul University in 2009.  

A ClassPass and running fanatic, Lauren’s generally found in the studio or on the lakefront trail training for her next race.  She's also quick to check out new restaurants, visit family and friends around the country (especially if they need redecorating help), and travel to new-to-her destinations.



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